American Gods, Season 1

American Gods, Season 1

American Gods

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2017-04-30
  • Advisory Rating: TV-MA
  • Episodes: 19
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 12.99


When Shadow Moon is released from prison, he meets the mysterious Mr. Wednesday and a storm begins to brew. Little does Shadow know, this storm will change the course of his entire life. Left adrift by the recent, tragic death of his wife, and suddenly hired as Mr. Wednesday's bodyguard, Shadow finds himself in the center of a world that he struggles to understand. It's a hidden world where magic is real, where the Old Gods fear both irrelevance and the growing power of the New Gods. Mr. Wednesday seeks to build a coalition of Old Gods to defend their existence in this new America, and reclaim some of the influence that they've lost. As Shadow travels across the country with Mr. Wednesday, he struggles to accept this new reality, and his place in it.


Title Time Price
1 The Bone Orchard 1:02:58 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 The Secret of the Spoons 59:03 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
3 Head Full of Snow 59:21 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
4 Git Gone 58:46 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
5 Lemon Scented You 56:11 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
6 A Murder of Gods 52:21 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
7 A Prayer for Mad Sweeney 51:46 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
8 Come to Jesus 1:00:20 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
9 American Gods, Season One Trailer 01:08 Free Buy on iTunes
10 The Road to American Gods Documentary 2:26:12 Season Only Buy on iTunes
11 Title Gods 07:37 Season Only Buy on iTunes
12 American Gods Origins 15:40 Season Only Buy on iTunes
13 Old Gods 07:43 Season Only Buy on iTunes
14 New Gods 05:28 Season Only Buy on iTunes
15 What is American Gods? 04:56 Season Only Buy on iTunes
16 Book vs. Show 04:29 Season Only Buy on iTunes
17 Explore the Crocodile Bar in 360 Degrees 05:30 Season Only Buy on iTunes
18 God Squad Video Commentary 1:00:05 Season Only Buy on iTunes
19 Comic-Con Panel 53:23 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • Too Dark for Me

    By ken4890
    Just a little too much darkness for my taste. Didn't make it through episode 1.
  • Don't Buy

    By DannySpektor
    There's not an actual story here. Some great actors, sure, beautifully shot, yes, but there's not really an actual story. Maybe the book is amazing, but Neil Gaiman wrote it. He didn't write this show. This show lack any structure beyond beginning and ending.
  • Really?

    By AMJ33
    My brother was really excited about this show and encouraged me to watch it. I already knew some of the premiss as I am a Neil Gaiman fan. But despite how much I like Neil, and how much I love my brother’s preference for things… I thought this show sucked. The cast is amazing but I can not get on board with this and I’m a lover of sci-fi and fantasy. One of the things that really irritated me is the director forcing his preachy political statement by making you watch an incredibly long homosexual scene that seemed out of place… and then needed the director after the episode to tell you WHY you had to watch it. To me that isn’t good story telling, its just force feeding politics as opposed to keeping good story telling the focal point. Even with that said, I thought the episodes dragged on and all the tension building up around things feel so contrived.
  • An Acquired Taste!

    By colinross1982
    Didn’t enjoy it at all! Couldn’t sit through the first couple of episodes.
  • Excellent so far.

    By CarolPafford
    I've just watched the first episode and I thought it to be intriguing. It was never boring from the beginning to the end of the episode. The acting is superb, the dialogue is clever and well written and well delivered by the actors. The character development began from the moment the show started. I have watched some shows where even after a few episodes, I could still care less about the characters and their lives. Not the case with the show. I'm looking forward to future episode of American Gods.
  • I would keep watching but...

    By Lcempj
    I just can't get past the sound track. I mean you a just bombarded with loud noise all through the show. None stop, which makes it very hard to watch. It reminds me of Sin City with the look and feel of the show. I didn't like Sin City. The actors did a good job. But I think I will wait for it on Netflix. The sound trick is just too much!!! BAD SOUND
  • Trying way too hard...

    By Jdogg897
    A bunch of really great actors in a show that tries waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too hard to try to be trendy, symbolic, shocking and artsy. Total overkill, even the music was too much. Interesting to watch, but, not good enough to interest me in a caring about a second season.
  • Completely Unique

    By Shannon LM
    There is not another show like American Gods on televsion. It doesn't spell everything out for you and can be frustrating in the beginning, but the visual beauty and enigmatic cast will keep you hooked. For those of you that haven't read the book, you might be confused, maybe read a synopsis first. It's a favorite book of mine and I've convinced friends to watch it who never heard of it that ended up being obsessed. For fans of the book, they writers have definitely expanded on the sotry and changed certain parts, but the overall feeling is captured perfectly.
  • GMC

    By Stank 78
    BB HBO yhhu
  • Hit and miss

    By Blkaddr
    I am a major fan boy of the book and knew that any show would be an adaptation. Many episodes were some of the most beautiful things I'd ever seen. The stories were alive and powerful. The visuals were always striking. Others felt false, corpse imitations of their more beautiful counterparts. Some social commentary fits perfectly, others are hamfisted. Mad Sweeney shone brightly. Laura is very unlikeable, and even admits to it. Wednesday feels wasted. All that being said. It is good. I think though, like the point the book makes about America, the show doesn't know what it wants to be.