Young Sheldon, Season 1

Young Sheldon, Season 1

Young Sheldon

  • Genre: Comedy
  • Release Date: 2017-09-25
  • Episodes: 3
  • iTunes Price: USD 24.99
  • iTunes HD Price: USD 24.99


For 9-year-old Sheldon Cooper, being a once-in-a-generation mind capable of advanced mathematics and science isn't always helpful in East Texas where church and football are king. And while the vulnerable, gifted and somewhat naïve Sheldon deals with the world, his very normal family must find a way to deal with him. His father is struggling as a high school football coach and as father to a boy he doesn’t understand. Sheldon's mother fiercely protects and nurtures her son who just doesn't fit in. Sheldon’s older brother does the best he can in high school, but he’s also in the same classes with Sheldon. Finally, there’s Sheldon’s twin sister who remains the one person who can reliably tell Sheldon the truth. For 10 years on The Big Bang Theory, audiences have come to know the iconic, eccentric and extraordinary Sheldon Cooper. Now meet him as he embarks on his innocent, awkward journey toward the man he will become.


Title Time Price
1 Pilot 21:18 USD 1.99 Buy on iTunes
2 Young Sheldon: Trailer 01:25 Free Buy on iTunes
3 On the Set 02:14 Season Only Buy on iTunes



  • where is the show

    By Patti's MacBook Retine 2013
    Bought the season, only one episode so far. Where are the rest? If it's not going to come soon, I would like my money back.
  • Please just give us more of this

    By tmwash
    It was amazing
  • Awful

    By Undercross
    I love Big Bang Theory but this spinoff is Awful...just Awful. No charm and no laughs. Watching the pilot was painful enough. It won't survive.
  • Wonderfull all around

    By Altavelocidad
    Takes me back to the Wonder Years
  • Love it!

    By lilfrosty
    I wasn't sure what to expect, but this show is a great mix of comedic timing and heartwarming moments. A great spinoff of Big Bang Theory! I look forward to watching more.
  • Outstanding

    By Charley9338
    Thrilled it is not just a replica of The Big Bang Theory and omitts having a laugh track. The casting is perfection and I predict this will be a new favorite this season.
  • Pleasantly Surprised!

    By nbvideo
    All pilots have a hard time of kicking off a show and offer a gamble to the viewer, to keep watching, or not. I was pleasantly surprised with how fast the show pulls the audience in and how the audience feels for the character development already taking place in the pilot. The interactions with Sheldon and his parents particularly stood out and, to pull a Hallmark moment, the show actually had a heart-warming effect. I am looking forward to the next episode and to see how the show develops.
  • Very Good So Far 😉

    By Missy9fan
    I am a big fan of the big bang theory and so far this one is really a winner to watch too , hopefully it makes it like the big bang theory.
  • Young Sheldon

    By Concern4444
    I truly enjoyed the show , it made me smile , & laugh & it believable that Sheldon is a Young Sheldon and I am already a fan of the show, I predict that it's going to be a big hit !!!!!!
  • Life Changing

    By Hdjskaallal
    I never thought a show could have the comedic timing of That 70s show, the expressive characteristic traits of Friends, and the quotability of Seinfeld, but this show was a complete game changer. Young Sheldon made me feel emotions I never thought I could feel, and I would definitely recommend it to a friend or relative that has a good sense of Highbrow humor like me. Young Sheldon is a triumphant masterpiece and I would rate it a 9.4/10