Avengers: Age of Ultron

Avengers: Age of Ultron

By Joss Whedon

  • Genre: Sci-Fi & Fantasy
  • Release Date: 2015-05-01
  • Advisory Rating: PG-13
  • Runtime: 2h 21min
  • Director: Joss Whedon
  • Actors: Marvel Studios
  • Awards: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
From 8,331 Ratings


Marvel Studios presents “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” the epic follow-up to the biggest Super Hero movie of all time. When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, including Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow and Hawkeye, are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.



  • Casting

    By ozzy waldo
    If only I can cast to my tv :(
  • My opinion

    By Amr !199¡
    I didn’t like it that much
  • Garbage

    By TdaBomber
    Worst villain ever to be in a superhero comic book movie . Complete waste of time .
  • Utter trash

    By Omnithomas
    Weaker than the first film and that’s not saying much. Cheap cgi tricks and a ridiculous script that won’t mean anything later down the line.
  • More CGI boredom

    By AlasCat
    Script is tired. Actors are phoning it in. Quickly devolves into endless CGI scenes. Save your 4 bucks.
  • Weekend At Ultrons...I smell Disney.

    By nuenjins
    The Ultrons of comics past were all more menacing and scary but here,we get the 'fluffy' almost Disneyfied version ala Tony Starkish alter ego snark -bot. This "AGE" lasts about a week and these 'overhyped' misleading details just come together with a battle ridden, often fun, movie that loses it's purpose amidst very specific 'screen shots' that feel like mini ads for the upcoming toys. It's NOT a 'bad' movie. It just seems to exspect you to like it no matter how over the top or shallow it gets. It would be nice if these movies would slow back down and take the care they did before with charecters and compelling stories, but this universe seems hell bent on bombardnment and culmination rather than development.
  • Amazing

    By GJCJ'sMom
    I love this movie and have watched it over and over,it never gets old.five stars👍☺️☺️
  • And most people say this movie's not worth it...

    By Books rule and so do tigers
    Let's face it: no movie's perfect. Not Logan, not Days of Future Past, not Avengers, and certainly not sequels. No movie can ever compare to Avengers, but it's clear Age of Ultron is close. This movie is once again another thrilling action-packed superhero film, but it raises some interesting moral questions as well, specifically concerning AI. This movie follows the Avengers who, after discovering Loki's mind-controlling scepter in a Hydra fortress (along with Scarlet Witch/Wanda Maximoff and her twin brother Pietro/Quicksilver), accidentally create a new villain: Ultron, a dangerous artificial intelligence who, like his comic book counterpart, hates humanity and wishes to wipe us off the face of the earth. His plan for world domination accidentally creates his equal, Vision, the Avengers' greatest hope against Ultron, despite Cap's insistence that they don't need a vibranium robot to defeat the evil AI. This movie raises a question most people want to forget: who controls AI? It's a topic discussed constantly in Sci-Fi movies, but Age of Ultron brings it up in a superhero movie. One thing I don't understand is why Jarvis (Tony Stark's AI assistant) is good but Ultron is not. My best explanation is that either Jarvis was programmed to not be evil, or that his intentions are good whereas Ultron's were not. By the way, if you were excited because Quicksilver's appearance heralds the arrival of the X-Men in the MCU, think again. He's only in this one movie and *spoiler alert!*, he gives his life for Hawkeye and the kid he was rescuing, so sorry! Wolverine's not going to be fighting the Hulk anytime soon! You're not the only one who wishes Fox would stop hogging the rights to the X-Men, though. Seriously, Fox! Sony's making a killing off of sharing Spider-Man with Marvel! Just let Storm or Jean Grey or someone team up with the X-Men! If you want a movie that's as cool as it sounds, this is the movie for you. I'd just suggest suspending your disbelief for a while.
  • Reverse the death, then I'll like it

    By AllTheLadiesLuvLeo
    Inresting enough, action filled, and full of plot holes. Also the hulk and black widow scene was bad. If you're reading this I assume you're bored and have already seen the movie. If not: SPOILER ALERT!!!! Quicksilver dies. To save Hawkeye. While Hawkeye is cool and all, it would have made a much better addition to the series if Hawkeye would have died to save Quicksilver. It would have mdade a bigger emotional impact o the avenges since hawkeye is one of the original six, while Quicksilver was new and pretty undeveloped, though gorgeous and wonderful and the best part in the movie.
  • same marvel equation

    By williamcrews
    blah blah jokes, people dying jokes, entertain the sheep.