My Friend Dahmer

My Friend Dahmer

By Marc Meyers

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2018-02-06
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 47min
  • Director: Marc Meyers
  • Actors: Attic Light Films
  • Awards: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 11.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
From 36 Ratings


Jeffrey Dahmer murdered 17 men and boys in the American Midwest, becoming one of history’s most infamous serial killers. This is the story before that story. Jeff (Disney Channel’s Ross Lynch) is an awkward teenager struggling to make it through high school with a family life in ruins. His bizarre behavior at school attracts unexpected friends, a group of band-nerds who form The Dahmer Fan Club, headed by Derf Backderf (Alex Wolff, “Patriots Day”). But as they near graduation, Jeff’s depravity continues to take hold, and he spirals further out of control. Based on Backderf’s critically acclaimed 2012 graphic novel and written for the screen and directed by Marc Meyers, MY FRIEND DAHMER is the haunting, sad, funny, true story of Jeffrey Dahmer in high school.



  • Loved this movie !

    By Lkkjnjjj
    I really enjoyed watching this movie. Really interesting and Ross was amazing !
  • So boring.

    By Annoyed logo master
    Very boring. It was so slow.
  • trash

    By lorsalto
    this movie was so pointless and a waste of money. he doesnt do anything intresting... just him acting like he’s special needs......
  • Awesome Movie

    By Qazmlpthfcb
    this movie is the best one i’ve ever seen. Ross Lynch gave an amazing performance on the teenage life of Jeffrey Dahmer. It has the right mixture of comedy and horror/thriller. I definitely recommend this movie.
  • Negative Stars an option???

    By Always winning ya
    My friend Dahmer movie was as stupid as Dahmer himself! I wasted my money. #refund
  • Amazing

    By Nessaawolf
    Loved it!
  • Horrible

    By eduran0826
    This was a poor representation of his life. Everything was overly exaggerated.
  • Outstanding

    By happyshor
    My Friend Dahmer is an incredible movie. It’s no where near a bad movie and I wouldn’t exactly call it horror. It has it’s moments but isn’t necessarily very scary.
  • Snooze

    By Meg_A_Leg
    For a movie about a serial killer, this was quite boring.
  • Absolutely Superb

    By LOTR1993
    One of the top five films of 2017/early 2018. I felt so much sympathy for the protagonist even though we all know how the story ultimately ends. Acting was top–notch and screenwriting was, too. How they got Ross Lynch, a kid from the Disney Channel, to play this role is beyond me because that seemed like a move out of left field at first, but holy cow that kid is TALENTED and just nailed it. Not too fast but not too slow in terms of pacing during the film...just enough detail and conflict to keep me on my toes. I enjoyed how the film didn't paint Dahmer as a menace lurking in the shadows laughing maniacally, but as a troubled kid who is desperate for some sort of direction and support that he never finds. At one point he even says, "I wish I had a best friend." Even though there's no excuse for what he went on to do in his adult life, that just broke my heart. Maybe if we pay attention to lonely kids like him in schools, we can prevent them from going out into the world and wreaking havoc and chaos.