Atomic Blonde

Atomic Blonde

By David Leitch

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2017-07-28
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 54min
  • Director: David Leitch
  • Actors: Denver and Delilah Productions
  • Awards: Germany, Sweden, United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 5.99
From 1,590 Ratings


Oscar®-winner Charlize Theron stars as elite MI6’s most lethal assassin and the crown jewel of her Majesty's secret intelligence service, Lorraine Broughton. When she's sent on a covert mission into Cold War Berlin, she must use all of the spycraft, sensuality and savagery she has to stay alive in the ticking time bomb of a city simmering with revolution and double-crossing hives of traitors. Broughton must navigate her way through a deadly game of spies to recover a priceless dossier while fighting ferocious killers along the way in this breakneck action-thriller from director David Leitch (John Wick).



  • A Hydrogen BOOOMB

    By Epsilonx
    Really a fantastic movie, plenty of action, very well acted. Charlize is the best action actress ever, the scenes are realistic and violent, excellent movie, Id like more Atomic Blonde
  • All the noise, noise, noise noise!

    By Puzfan3
    The music is so overpoweringly loud and the speech so soft, especially Charlize, that it is hard to understand the actors.
  • Rent, don’t buy

    By recarp
    It’s a watered down John Wick, but set in the 80s, and with a 115 lb woman. 75% of her hand-to-hand combat with 220 lb men even LOOKS like complete garbage. It’s a decent romp, with a fun, retro soundtrack... makes for a good rental. Wait for it on Netflix, though.
  • Sexy atomic gem bond

    By yagulito
    This movie is sexy and with a lots of original action pack action but a la feme juggalos defenitly the new Bond a la fem style great can’t wait for the sequence.
  • Atomic Blonde

    By Mojo1864
    Saw this on MoviePass. Wow. That’s the way to go to the Movies. Love MoviePass
  • Great movie

    By Jeremy704
    The was a really great movie with lots of twists. Hopefully this will turn into a series like James Bond.
  • Can't go wrong with Charlize

    By Nacval
    lots of action and twists and surprises
  • Atomic Blonde

    By Sherry's31
    What a move! Absolutely incredible! Powerful female lead.
  • Must buy

    By willisnickell
    Awesome movie .... great soundtrack
  • Had you thinking who’s the bad guy

    By 1BDVET
    I thought it kept you guessing right to the end, who's the bad guy's and who's the good guy's. That makes a great movie.